Porsche - Vehicle information

Vehicle information

Inspection and Oil services

A question of timing: service intervals.

An overview of the service intervals applicable to your Porsche is available in the "Warranty and Maintenance" booklet in your vehicle document wallet. Your authorized Porsche Centre will also be happy to answer any questions and provide information.

Some plans can be downloaded here:

Warranty information

Standard on every Porsche: the warranty.

Standard on every Porsche: the warranty.

Every Porsche comes with a warranty. The following page contains an overview of all the applicable warranty periods for Porsche vehicles.

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Porsche - Warranty extension

Warranty extension

For new and pre-owned vehicles.

Designed to give you the peace of mind and reassurance that your pride and joy has the complete backing of a factory warranty. A Porsche warranty extension provides similar benefits and security to those of any new Porsche warranty. For details, speak to your Porsche Service Consultant.

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Porsche tire approvals

You wouldn't let just anybody drive your Porsche.

Porsche is one of the few car makers to undertake extensive tire development and testing, and publish regular manufacturer approvals for summer and winter tires for all new vehicles. Here's an overview of the relevant approvals in PDF format.

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Manual for your vehicle

Good to know: become acquainted with your Porsche.

This app uses both short videos and the integrated manual to provide detailed information about using your vehicle. Become acquainted with your Porsche and its functionality. After downloading a contents package, the videos, graphics and text will be available on your device at any time.

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Other vehicle and registration documents

Porsche - Even more info – with just one click.

Even more info – with just one click.

On the following page, you can download forms to apply for vehicle and registration documents. It also contains detailed information about connecting a mobile phone to PCM or the CDR via Bluetooth®.

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